Get To The Chopper!

Oh hello what’s this that arrived in the post all the way from Japan?


Correct!  It’s the double CD ‘Anymore for Anymore?’ tribute to Wakefield’s finest (that’s Chopper if you didn’t know) that Fixing a Hole Records have put out.  We have the great pleasure of being on CD2 with our version of ‘Volume’ recorded with the wonderful, patient (and fellow fan of Falaffal) Matt Johnson at Suburban Home Studios in Leeds.  It also includes our gifted Jack Edwards-Fox not only playing guitar as ever but also a cheeky trumpet blast (Rich brought his too but it froze – literally so we couldn’t use it).

There’s some amazing bands from all over the world on this CD (The Steal, Protecters, Skimmer, Ramona, Fatman, Zapian and ton more).  So come see us live and get one from us.

P.S we’re just putting the finishing touches to our new EP so more news on that soon.


Been a while!

Sorry for the radio silence, we haven’t vanished, we’ve just been relaxing into 2014 at our usual sleepy pace. We’re currently holed up in the marvelous Rec and Play studio in Sheffield and should have some lovely new songs for you soon (and some more gigs all going well).

See you all soon



Hoooooly Shiiit!

Holy hell that was a right good do with RVIVR on Monday. Thanks to all the lovely folk who watched us and to Lloyd for putting on the gig. All the other bands were ace; the new ONSIND songs were bloody beautiful, Dogjaw blew us away with their charmingly offensive 90’s noise, Caves were as woah filled as ever and RVIVR were just stunning beyond belief.

Next up Cut Ups! Check the engagements page for details and posters.

Cheers Sela Bar! Next stop RVIVR!

Massive thanks to all the staff and folks who came down to see us at Sela Bar last Sunday.  Huge thanks to the Sofa Sessions for having us and a lovely time was had watching Georgia Thursting and The Root One Band.  Amazing pizza, coffee and wine as ever, see you all there soon.

Next up is one hell of a matinee gig, but I’ll let the flyer and facebook event do the talking.  Make sure you get down by one, not just to see us but to make sure you even get in.  Remember to sign up as a member too (only a quid!), you can do that here.


Toby’s Top 10 of 2012

OK, second in our Top 10 of 2012 is our bassist Toby’s favourite ten records released in 2012. So in no particular order…

The Dauntless Elite – More Bloody Bad News (Bombed Out Records)

Down & Outs – Forgotten Streets (Boss Tuneage/All in Vinyl)

Attack! Vipers! – Deadweight Revival (Specialist Subject)

Sam Russo – Storm (Specialist Subject/Red Scare)

The Magnificent – Bad Lucky (Drunken Sailor/Dirt Cult)

Dom Coyote – The Raun Tree (self-released)

The Cut Ups – Building Bridges Starting Here (Household Name)

Slow Science – You’re Welcome (self-released)

Wooderson – Let The Man Speak (Bombed Out/Art for the Blind)

Bangers – Good Livin’ (Specialist Subject)

When you can I always think its best to buy direct from the band or if not possible the label. That’s not always doable so pop in to Jumbo Records, Crash Records, Norman Records or Relics in Leeds!

Predictions for 2013 list: Jimmy Islip, Helen Chambers, The Arteries, Nightmarchers, Chestnut Road, Axes, Human Pyramids, Hookworms.

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Brendan’s Top 10 of 2012!

Ok! Kicking of the Get Human Top 10’s of 2012 here is our singer Brendan’s Top 10 comics of the year. If you want to peruse or purchase any of these we would highly recommend shopping at OK Comics in Leeds.

Fury (marvel max)
Awesome trip through the murky depths of 20th century US military intervention, through the eyes of grizzled war vet Nick Fury, written and drawn by the team that created some of the best punisher stories of the last decade, Garth Ennis and Goran Parlov.

Saga (image)
Brian K Vaughan is back and as good as ever. Warring species, robot headed royalty and a space brothel more depraved than you could ever imagine, all wrapped in the most down to earth and human story telling this side of Y the Last Man (one of Vaughan’s previous high points).

Prophet (image)
Bonkers. Utterly bonkers. A brilliant reimagining of an old 90’s image comic nobody was missing. It came out of nowhere from Brandon graham, best known writing and drawing lo fi surrealist futuristic slacker stories and the odd porn comic, writes high concept sci fi goodness that has more crazy ideas in one issue than the last 25 years of the Star Wars franchise.

Hawkeye (marvel)
Brilliantly crafted down to earth super hero story about a day in the life of non super powered Avenger Hawkeye when he is hanging around his tenement block rather than with Norse gods and iron men. Some of the best plotted and nuanced character work by rising super star Matt Fraction, twinned with some fantastic art from David Aja who has somehow pulled off an art style somewhere between Jimmy Corrigan and Batman year one. This book is why I read comics.

Dungeon quest (fantagraphics)
Like the older weirder brother of Scott Pilgrim this continuing opus from Joe Daly shows the quest of Millennium Boy and his crew searching for an ancient Atlantean instrument, whilst smoking weed and killing poetic hobos, it’s d&d meets Jay and Silent Bob drawn like a crazy Charles Burns comic, and volume 3 ups the penis count ten fold. And you love it.

Scalped (vertigo)
Noooo! Scalped finished this year with issue 60. This series was the best HBO series you never saw, like the Wire set on a Native American reservation, it had heroin addiction, torture, murder, bent cops, and no happy endings, ever. Like the addicts in the story, It never left you feeling good but always left you wanting more.

Walking Dead (image)
A bit obvious, but it continues to be a monthly must read! As the tv show progresses to some of the darker reaches of the story with the prison and the governor, the comic still manages to be a couple of notches higher with the despicable Negan, and not to mention issue 100’s unspeakable horrors.

Batman (DC)
Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo have manage to breath life into a 70 year old character, in the same year the Chris Nolan trilogy wrapped up in cinemas, the unfolding twists and turns of DCs New 52 batman adds an entire new level of mythology with the secret society of the owls that have been pulling the strings in Gotham since before batman ever donned the cape and cowl. Throw in a long lost Wayne brother for good measure and this series has shown how good super hero comics can be.

Uncanny Xforce (marvel)
This has been my favourite comic for 2 years now, written by the increasingly awesome Rick Remender, and illustrated by an ever rotating and never disappointing cast of illustrators, this is a real x-men fans dream. The coolest characters in any x-team ever (dead pool, wolverine, psylocke, et al.) embroiled in such stories as fighting an ageing Punisher in a terminatoresque future, to trying to save a kid Apocalypse from fulfilling his destiny of becoming the destroyer of humanity! All good fun.

Adventure Time (kaboom)
Because you think cartoons were cool when you were a kid…and then you see Adventure time! The best kids show there is, captured in comic form, is as fun as it gets! The latest issue is even a mind boggling choose your own adventure, and check out the spin off story of marceline and the scream queens, for more cartoon goodness!

And that’s my year in comics!


Next up our bassist Toby’s top 10 records of 2012

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Constant Rotation Compilation

We are rather happy to announce that we are on the brand new compilation “Constant Rotation – Vol.1” that has been put out by the incredible Speedowax Records. To be associated with the label that has put out records by bands such as Rhythm Collision, Crocodile God, Douglas and Broccoli amongst others is a real honour.

So head on over to and have a ganders


Get Human v.2.0 is GO!

So…as you can see from the rather lovely photograph above we four are now five!  We have welcomed one Georgiana Mannion into the fold on guitar and vocals and Brendan is now up front with no guitar protection.  We launched this beauty of a line up at the White Cloth gallery last Saturday 1st September at a benefit for St. Gemma’s Hospice and a good £600+ was raised so nice work!  Cheers to Replicator and Dad Called Dave for having us and to Paul for organising it.

As well as a brand spanking new line up we also have this little CD for sale…

That’s right, seven tracks on full colour duplicated CD’s with all artwork hand drawn by our very own Brendan then covers hand-screened by Dan Bowden at Parliament of Feathers in Brighton with full hand-written inlays!  You can have a listen and download for free on our music page  and if you want the full majesty of the CD then just paypal £3.50 to tobychelms at hotmail dot com.



Ok, these are our best laid plans for 2012:

In July we shall be entering Ghost Town studios to record some of our songs with the lovely Ross and his big room of vintage equipment. These aforementioned songs will then be mastered with the three that we have already recorded via our powerhouse drumming/recording machine Rich to form a Power Rangers-esque combination of unprecedented force (or a 6-7 track CD and pay-what-you want download if you want less flowery lanaguge to explain).

We will then be recording a cover of the Chopper anthem ‘Volume’ for a 20th anniversary Chopper album and hopefully the version of ‘Friends’ we did for the Crocodile God tribute will be available soon (if Skimmer or Hooton 3 Car want to do one as well I’m sure we could sort something).

It also looks like we’ll be doing some dates with the rather fantastic Great Deeds from Sheffield and Fresh Eyes for The Dead Guy from Nottingham in August/September and are open to any other gig offers so email us on tobychelms at hotmail dot com with ’em.


Cheers Middlesborough, hello Leeds!

We had a very fun band night out in Middlesborough last night, we enjoyed good Falafal, sub-par chips and saw a man punch a car. We also got to play a gig at Liberties which was nice. Everyone there was at least ten years younger than us (the drummer in the headline band was 13 years younger than me…) and were at least ten years musically ahead of us. Alistair Sherrin opened and I would reccomend checking him out as I imagine he will be huge and on your radio very soon; he’s a solo chap playing mod/garage influenced pop-folk, irritatingly talented.  After we played The Digital played.  They have been going for five years, are amazingly talented and are between 17-19 – bastards.  They were really good and can write chorus’ like nobodies business and I’ll try and bring them over to Leeds soon.  Thank you very much to Aaron for having us and we’ll hopefully come back soon.

Tonight we are playing with the rather incredible Foreign Objects from Boston (USA not Lincolnshire) at Wharf Chambers in Leeds.  We are very grateful for Jon for adding us to the bill so come down and have a good ‘un.